Statement following October’s AGM and the election of a new Leader and National Executive


DDI’s Party Political Broadcast due to go out on RTE after the 6 one news Saturday 17th May

Direct democracy was discussed and proposed as a referendum that should be put to the people by this government. 83% of the convention voted in favour of this change to our constitution and system of government.

The founder Raymond Whitehead speaking on the 2014 MEP Dublin Candidate RTE Primetime debate

MEP South candidate Jan Van De Ven making the case for citizen initiated referendums on the Vincent Brown People’s Debate.

MEP Midlands North West candidate Ben Gilroy revealing details of banking corruption and state collusion on the RTE Primetime debate.

MEP Dublin Candidate Tom Darcy revealing some previously unbroadcast facts about the corruption of the banking cartel and collusion of government, courts and civil service on the Vincent Brown 2014 Dublin MEP CAndidates Debate.

Tom Darcy speaking on the RTE Primetime 2014 MEP Dublin Debate

What is direct democracy?

Direct democracy is a form of democracy in which the people have the right to:

  1. Select their own candidates to represent them.
  2. Call a referendum on any topic if a sufficient number of people deem it necessary, by gathering a set number of signatures.
  3. Create legislation and put it to a referendum if a sufficient number of people agree with it, by gathering a set number of signatures.
  4. Recall, remove from office, any representative deemed to have acted in breach of their terms of employment.

How direct democracy is used in Switzerland. They are the most stable and successful country in Europe and they have run their country this way for almost 200 years. This is the system on which we would most like to base a new system for Ireland


Implementing direct democracy in Ireland returns the power to the people to call referendums, instigate legislation, and recall representatives who fail to perform.

Some policy ideas we would like to see implemented at National and Local level:

  • STOP Bondholder Payments: There is no legal liability for Irish people and their children to pay for private banking debts.
  • REDUCE Family Home Mortgages: A substantial write down of personal debt to keep people in their homes and stimulate our domestic economy.
  • ABOLISH All Taxes on Family Homes: “It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a persons home” – Enda Kenny, 1994.
  • PROTECT Services & Allowances: Review all cuts made to essential services and people’s vital allowances.
  • CUT Business Rates: Reduce costs for business to help make them more affordable and competitive thus protecting Irish jobs.
  • PREVENT State Asset Stripping: Keep water, oil, gas, forestry, fisheries and mineral assets working for the people.


Speeches from the party launch

Clare Leonard
Raymond Whitehead
Ben Gilroy

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Director of Elections :

Conor Dalgarno
D House, Finnegan’s Way, Trim, Co. Meath
Telephone: 01 5240 547

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