Allsops, Michael Reade, and the shameful abuse of LMFM for political gain

Here is a recording of an early morning interview Ben Gilroy did with Michael Reade of LMFM radio, followed by an interview on MSI radio in which they dissect the agenda of the LMFM radio interviewer.

It is quite stunning on a matter so serious as criminally liable banks who are once again unlawfully evicting homeowners in Ireland and selling their property and businesses at auction, all of which has been caused by their own criminal activity, that Michael Reade chooses NOT to talk about the real issue at all. Instead he carries out a plan to divert attention away from the banks misdeeds, instead attempting to paint the only political leader who was there trying to stop the sale of Irish homes as a racist to discredit him.

Listen for yourself:

The sad irony of this repeat of our history seems to be lost on Reade as the presenter pre-arranged his show for the express purpose of trying to shoot down Ben Gilroy and Direct Democracy. Now we thought broadcasters were supposed to be impartial, but he had all his ducks lined up ready. In hindsight it is not surprising really considering Michael Reade is known to be a supporter of the Labour Party, and he made no secret of the fact his affiliations lie with the system and the establishment parties.

He chose to ignore the banking and government misdeeds saying the foreign owned companies involved in evicting families and selling Irish homes are “only there doing their job”. Hang on, wasn’t that the excuse used at a certain set of hearings after the war? I don’t think that excuse washed then and I’m sure it doesn’t wash now either. Ah but of course there are always apologists and people who defend the establishment no matter what crimes they commit. It is a shame this presenter chose to choose the path of diversion and politically protecting the banks and the system that enables them, instead of getting his Nashers into a more meaty story

What a shameful abuse of LMFM’s good name as a broadcaster for political gain. It’s nothing we wouldn’t expect from a state owned and run broadcaster, but not LMFM. We are aware that the interview inflamed the ire of a good many locals who heard it and that a number of complaints have already gone in to LMFM and to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. It seems the establishment is so afraid of a direct democracy system creating real accountability for politicians that they will try absolutely anything to bring it or it’s spokesman down.

We trust LMFM will reprimand Michael Reade and that an apology will be forthcoming as this episode has sullied LMFM’s otherwise good name as a broadcaster. Thankfully the Irish people are a lot more intelligent than media gives them credit for and see through this kind of tactic very easily these days.

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  1. The show was a disgrace. Even from the start when Mr Reid was announcing the soon following guests, he had dug up the xenophobic slur and threw it at Ben Gilroy before Ben had even a chance to speak minutes later.
    Right from the start of the show, the supposed to be impartial presenter slandered a guest speaker. That alone was terrible.

    Then Mt Reid went on to not concentrate what the actual protest was about (you know, the FAR larger picture) but instead decided off his own bat it appears, to just just the air time Ben had preciously gained to speak to the public, to attack Ben and try further tainting Mr Gilroy in a light that was totally wrong and by twisting the words that was spoke yesterday.
    Hell, Mr Reid didn’t even know that the banks themselves were not Irish!
    The complete interview was a disgrace and a stain upon LMFM’s reputation.

    Mr Reid by the way, wasn’t finished there. If you listen to a later interview beyond Mr Gilroys’, he wasn’t too pleasant to the lady that spoke shortly afterwards. He tried to put things in her mouth and also tried to twist her words to boot!

    I find the skills of Mr Reid to be a radio presenter, to be highly questionable to say the least. Could he be considered an Impartial presenter? Absolutely not!

    The man should not be allowed on the airwaves. He is simply a disgrace!

    • Totally agee ,and left my thoughts on their FB page.Pity these little PC prats werent as vocal when people are getting thrown onto the streets-Tools…

    • This interviewer is an absolute asshole! full stop. How dare he try to discredit the good work of all the selfless people who are the real heroes standing up to the criminal politicians and bankers. I fully support DDI. I am English, I have a British accent. I could not be there on the day. I was fully prepared to tell these estate agents to desist, and like Ben, irrespective of their nationality. In fact, Ben is one of the least xenophobic people I have met. I have experienced the kind of discrimination this interviewer wishes to attach to Ben Gilroy from, in order of priority 1. SF 2. FF 3. FG 4. Lab

      Mr Read…read my lips..’Which office did you get your brown envelope opinions from? Ah yes, like your friends in the dail, you plucked it outta yer arse!!’

      • The fact is that its very sad that a lot of people are still voting for the usual shower. The faces might have changed but the processes they operate under and the tactics they use, their out-dated ideology and crony, nepotism ways, are still there. We all know this and see it still regular!

        The people need more LEGAL accountability from their representatives – which is why I espouse toward the new organisation “Direct Democracy Ireland”. With the legal process of “Direct Democracy” as once was in our constitution (quietly removed!) re-instigated, the people and their protests, their objections, their ideas, etc will have better legal force once again.

        Politicians will not just be answerable to the people once every five years but all the time, all year, every year! This is why the current lot really fear Direct Democracy. They do not want to be accountable to the people if they can help it!

        There has to be change – and besides Fianna Fail’ and co window-dressings, nothing has really has really changed besides the faces!

        We need to start educating people to the process called “Direct Democracy” and we need to start informing people of the existence of “Direct Democracy Ireland”.

        If the people want accountability back, if they want decision making ability back – they got to take the power back into their own hands. They can do this very real and very legal through “Direct Democracy”, the process.

        We got to take back our country from those who are ruining it!

        If anyone does anything this week, any week… please try to educate at least one open minded person every day to the existence of Direct Democracy & Direct Democracy Ireland.

        The Irish people need to be better informed, have better control and say!

    • Ben, you were brill & he was so unprofessional & he so obviously had his own agenda …
      so far he is lucky enough in life to be able to pay his mortgage but he can’t see the future and who knows if one day he has to face the High Courts & his own home will be auctioned off ….see how smart he is then ~ well done you were well able to handle him !!!!!!!!!

  2. Section 42 of the Broadcast Act 2009 provides that:

    (2) Broadcasting codes shall provide -

    (a) that all news broadcast by a broadcaster is reported and
    presented in an objective and impartial manner and without any
    expression of the broadcaster’s own views,

    (b) that the broadcast treatment of current affairs, including matters
    which are either of public controversy or the subject of current
    public debate, is fair to all interests concerned and that the
    broadcast matter is presented in an objective and impartial
    manner and without any expression of the broadcaster’s own

    (e) that a broadcaster does not, in the allocation of time for
    transmitting party political broadcasts, give an unfair preference
    to any political party.
    In developing the Code of Fairness, Objectivity and impartiality in News and Current

    Affairs the BAI had regard to a range of matters set out in section 42(3) of the Act. It
    also had regard to its own statutory objectives, set out in section 25, in particular that,
    in performing its functions the BAI shall:

    • Endeavour to ensure that the democratic values enshrined in the
    Constitution, especially those relating to rightful liberty of expression,
    are upheld,

    • Provide a regulatory environment that will sustain independent and
    impartial journalism,


    The Michael Reid show clearly to me, broke some of the rules above.

  3. To see the likes of Jerry Beades and cronies disrupting the Allsops auction in the Shelbourne is disgusting, though.
    These guys are part of the nexus of sleaze,greed and corruption which brought us to where we are.

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