Demonising minorities is not accepted but when a minority group who wants freedom of choice are identified as the enemy, the authorities turn a blind eye.


What has Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and the cowardly lion from the wizard of Oz and you got to do with this hit job? Not to forget the wicked witch from the west her minions and her nemesis the good witch Glinda.

Inciting hatred among a fearful population against a minority within that population is the stuff of Nazi Germany in the early thirties.

This article, in bold italics, was posted on the website of RTE, Ireland’s government propaganda network. I am astounded at the lack of investigation into what passes as noteworthy information by so called journalists. The bias nature of this writing is all too familiar, it is demonising, vilifying, alienating and poisonous in order to besmirch those of us who dare question government officials and state apparatchiks in their quest to build back better a new world order with instructions from the self-styled world economic forum. Take the opening line of this desperate piece of propaganda,


           “..Despite pro-vaccine messaging resistance to (the) Covid jab persists..”


…the words despite and persists both lead the reader to hold none vaccinated people in contempt, she also uses resistance as if there is confrontation and opposition to the pro-vaccine side when in reality any ‘anti-vaxers’  just want to be left alone.  This is done to invite the reader on to her side and accept her personal beliefs, evidenced by her later use of “widespread concern” and “highly transmissible” without saying these are her beliefs and are not facts.


             “..There is widespread concern over the emergence of new Covid-19 mutations as infection rates are ticking up globally again, with the highly transmissible Delta variant taking hold – especially among the unvaccinated – and in regions where anti-virus measures have been relaxed…”

 There is no evidence that the covid 19 exists, let alone a mutant variation, to ask for proof of its existence in an Irish court will get you three months in jail for contempt of court if you don’t believe me ..I dare you to try it. Note the use of excitable language … the highly transmissible infection rates ticking up globally, fear mongering language at its best. Why not use neutral language like.. what some scientists believe is a highly transmissible variation of what they understand to be covid 19. Such language allows for questions and we can’t have that can we, …..down with that sort of thing Ted.

Then there is the assertion that the delta variation is taking hold esp. among the vaccinated, what Mis. Hearst fails to tell you is that the producers of the so called vaccine told us that the vaccines do not stop you from being infected with the virus or from a mutation of the virus nor does vaccination stop you from transmitting the infection to others, so how can it be that only one group shows an increase when both are equally vulnerable? This should be worth an investigation don’t you think!

           “..Ireland is one of the most vaccinated nations in the world with close to 90% of the adult population now having got at least one jab against the coronavirus.
Despite constant public service announcements and messages about the benefits of being inoculated there are still people who are vaccine hesitant if not completely vaccine resistant…”

shows us your papers.

The UN was supposed to stop this from happening again.

Despite public service announcements, really!  Indoctrination more like it, her acceptance that the vaccine has benefits is a giveaway as to where her loyalties lie. The so called vaccine is not an inoculation in the normal use of the word as they are inserting DNA fragments or attenuated virus, this new and novel never used before method of vaccination is still in is phase three trial until 2023. If Mis. Hearst bothered to question her beliefs she would know that fully informed consent is impossible and this means if she was made blind by the jab and could prove without doubt the vaccine was the cause she and she alone holds full liability no other person or entity can be sued for compensation, why should I or others who have educated ourselves of these facts sign such a document when we are not and cannot be fully informed?  We can’t be, the trials are not finished! It’s like employing a solicitor without knowing or agreeing how much she charges, sure as night follows day she will or can empty your bank account,… legally!

           “…Research carried out into Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy and resistance in
Ireland and the UK, published in January by Nature Communications, suggests that overall 65% of Irish respondents were accepting of a Covid-19 vaccine, 26% were hesitant, and 9% were resistant.
In comparison, 69% of UK respondents were vaccine accepting, 25% were vaccine hesitant, and 6% were vaccine resistant. Northern Ireland had the lowest rate of vaccine acceptance at 51%.
Dr Philip Hyland, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University, says the research showed that in Ireland, those who were hesitant about taking a Covid-19 vaccine were more likely to be female; a younger age (35-44); less altruistic; more likely to hold irrational beliefs (endorse religious and conspiratorial beliefs); lack trust in authority (lack trust in government, scientists, doctors/healthcare professionals); hold anti-migrant attitudes, and believe that one’s own social group is superior to other groups in society.
He says that the best data available suggests that about 5-10% of people in the general population oppose vaccination of any kind.
Vaccine hesitance refers to the situation where people delay or consider not taking a vaccine, Prof Hyland explains, and anti-vaccination (or vaccine resistance) is where people positively oppose vaccination.
The former usually have concerns about vaccination that can be allayed through information while the latter usually have an ideological opposition to vaccination, he said…”

The enemy of the vaccinated is identified

Now the expert is being called out in a show of force, he must be an expert because he has a piece of paper on the wall that says professor, scare crow and Dorothy comes to mind. Let’s see what he has to say.
Where do I begin with this exercise in demonising use of language, 65% of Irish another is fraught with assumptions and presumptions which are not accepted in scientific studies. If the figures were in the reverse order of magnitude I doubt if they would have been highlighted, the comparison being used in a pathetic attempt to shame us into taking the jab and saying to her followers that we are bad people for dragging them down below the ‘success’ of other societies.

The scientist goes on to say that women arriving late in their child bearing age, -oh he does not mention that he just gives you the age group- are most hesitant, need I say that they have most to lose considering effects on fertility are not yet determined and with early signs of problems attaching the jab to fertility beginning to show up, or that these women may already have young children and wish to do as all mothers should that is to protect her family.

The expert then alleges that vaccine hesitant people are less altruistic! Why not say selfish? But that would be too obvious to the readers by using honest language one might alert them to the true intent of the author, that of demonising the so called anti vaxers.

Just in case you did not get the memo he goes on to spell out where your loyalties should lie he makes sure you do not want to be a social outcast by associating with people who “..hold anti-migrant attitudes, and believe that one’s own social group is superior to other groups in society…” this whole hit job is reaching down to a dangerous low, did I mention the war? 1933?, himmm? He implies that we are sanctimonious self-centred nationalist, hate figures in today’s chattering class. Define anti-migrant, does it mean people who say that we as a nation, like Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc., need to control migrant flows? An altogether reasonable approach, after all we as the host nation should not be overwhelmed by the vast number seeking a better life. He tells us that the hesitant group believe that their social group is superior to all other social groups, this is a vilifying and demonising description that has nothing to do with health, but by turning this group into figures of hate others will feel allowed to use hate towards them, I believe that Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister for propaganda would be proud of this psychology professor. I didn’t mention the war, or did I? For a so called specialist in the psychology of trauma he certainly is upping the possibility of severe trauma being inflected on those who question his deeply held belief in the infallibility of scientists who rushed true a novel vaccine with billions of euro in profit for the taking. Of course he will deny he ever said that, but it is strongly implied in his writings, so much so that if the officious bystander test was applied 100% of them would get his message.

Of course the demonising continues with more luxurious language stating that the hesitant group are irrational and evidence this by saying that this group believe in God and have conspiratorial tendencies! You can hear the drawing of breath and the exclamation of his followers, OMG! These stupid people they need to be locked up! To have a belief of a religion in today’s society esp. among the learned left liberal class -that is to say those who have a scare crow paper on the wall to say that they have a brain- is frowned upon to the point of ridicule if you go to mass or believe in a religion you are automatically not a scientist, and the vilification of those groups and individuals is allowed by his presumed authority telling his followers that we are irrational and are not worthy of being listened to. The abuse continues…

The professor goes on to say that this group lack trust in authority, by using such language the author is showing his congregation down the path to righteousness. Hyland, along with RTE, goes on to say anti vaccine people “ … lack trust in government, scientists, doctors/healthcare professionals.. “,  so what’s the problem? Politicians make up government who trusts a politician? As for scientists, let’s see.. Avandia, thalidomide, H1N1 vaccine, the resent withdrawal of a hideous hit job on ivermectin perpetrated by scientists in “peer reviewed medical journals”, don’t forget the scientists who hid the flaws in Boeing that cause the deaths of hundreds of innocent passengers and the crews. The list of court judgments against the vaccine parent companies is extensive but we are to trust them.

Trust! give us a break scientists are not infallible if they were infallible wouldn’t that be a religion?  As for doctors and health care “professionals”, doctors differ and patients die and according to this expert we are to blindly trust them. Health care professionals are captured by debt and they need to pay it back, big pharma say jump they say how high. Trust is to be earned not to be given freely.

Hyland tells the readers that vaccine hesitant people can be turned with knowledge, whose knowledge? Oh yes the experts with their proof they have brains hanging on a wall, wow you would think from this experts opinion that we are in a cult, is that their intention? To label us as a cult and then isolate us for “special” treatment; don’t mention the war!

Vaccine resistant people are apparently ideological driven, the word Ideology stems from France in around 1796 a movement for enlightenment began it was supposed to, among other attributes, put constraints on the state then a short arsed Corsican went to war across Europe, not wanting any constraints on his government Napoleon,  with the help of the learned class of that time changed the meaning of the word to a negative derogatory vilifying meaning thereby crushing descent and here we have it being used in the same way by an EU/Irish state funded researcher and journalist, how Shakespearian is that.

In line with the Milgram experiment the RTE reporter now elicits the authority of other experts to bolster the authority of the local lad, as the experiment mentioned will explain this will improve the desired effect / outcome, repeating the message enough times by different people in authority has a synergistic effect of reassuring the reader that Hyland must be correct and this will embolden their biased attitudes. Whether or not the reporter is cognisant of what she is doing is not relevant, she is playing with fire and those who play with fire will get burnt.


           “… In the US around 18% of adults are said to be vaccine resistant, according to a recent Gallup poll. When asked, respondents said they are unlikely to change their mind about getting the vaccination. The percentage with this view has not changed in recent months.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that as of 31 August 74.2% of adults in the US had received at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose and 370.2 million doses having been administered since December 2020.
The adult population in the US is around 209 million, this leaves at least 38 million adults who have not yet been vaccinated at all.
The US had a huge surge in vaccinations earlier in the year with more than 4.4 million doses being given out in one day alone, on 8 April. But since then, the numbers being vaccinated has slowed.
The CDC reports that nationally, new admissions of patients with confirmed Covid-19 are currently at their highest levels since the start of the pandemic for all age groups under 50 years old.
Despite there having been more than 631,440 Covid-19 deaths reported in the United States, and around 142,000 new cases of the virus daily there are still many people determined not to get a vaccination.
Professor Afton Kapuscinski, director of the Psychological Services Center at Syracuse University in New York, explains that vaccine hesitancy has been with us from the moment the first vaccines, such as for smallpox, became widely available.
“However, data suggests hesitancy has varied over time, and has unfortunately increased in recent years. One indicator of the amplified hesitancy is the number of exemptions parents are seeking (and granted) for immunisations that are mandatory for children to attend school” in the US.
Prof Kapuscinski said people who are hesitant about vaccination are concerned about safety of the vaccine and are less likely to believe Covid poses a serious threat.
Some also cite distrust of media sources, health organisations, like the CDC, and government messaging but fear of needles and blood is also a factor, she said.
Younger adults who are politically conservative, those who are rural based and from lower socioeconomic groups are more likely to be vaccine hesitant, according to Prof Kapuscinski
. …”

Readers should note the repetition of the information in the previous excerpt, this repetition only serves to reinforce the attitudes of Hyland, and his side kick Mis. Hearst,  convincing the Milgram experiment subjects who read RTE reports to turn the switch up higher by bolstering their sense of self-righteousness, after all not only one scientist in authority said so but other scientists with authority said so as well, and they are from prestigious foreign universities they must be good at what they do! Mustn’t they?

              “…While there is also significant vaccine hesitancy among black Americans, which is declining, indigenous people in the United States have the highest vaccine rates of any racial group, Prof Kapunscinski said.
This has been explained by community leaders as being due to a strong emphasis on collectivist values -“the conviction that personal choices should consider what is best for the group. In this view, choosing to be vaccinated shows care for not only people important to you, but also other people’s friends, neighbours and grandmothers.”
An Italian expert says the “anti-vaxxer” label is an umbrella term, which gives no space for the diversity of anti-vaccination sentiment.
Individuals may reject some vaccines but not others, they may have experienced adverse effects from prior vaccination and may reject vaccines for entirely political reasons, or use the rejection of vaccination to symbolise something else, Dr Serena Barello, Assistant Psychology Professor at Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, said.
The “anti-vaxxer” label puts all vaccine refusal into a fixed, static opposition to vaccination – even though most who decline vaccines are more accurately described as being hesitant towards them, she explains.
Dr Barello says that those who are vaccine hesitant have many reasons for not getting a jab such as issues of confidence – not trusting in vaccines or health care providers, complacency – not perceiving a need for vaccination or not valuing vaccination, and convenience – access or lack of to vaccination.
Both Prof Kapuscinski and Dr Barello say there has been a surge of emotionally charged discussions about vaccine hesitancy.
“For sure this phenomenon has become an issue of debate much more than in the past because we are talking about a global phenomenon that touches every country of our planet at the same time with health, social, economic and political huge effects,” Dr Barello commented.
Protest against Italy imposing restrictions on all unvaccinated people who do not hold a ‘Green Pass’
Prof Kapuscinski points out that people who are vaccine hesitant, not specific to Covid-19 jabs, are more likely to have concerns about the government moving toward excessive control of individual freedoms.
“Some may see strong advocacy for vaccines or mandating vaccines for government workers as moving toward socialism,” she said.
For some, there is a strong reaction to any perceived infringement on personal choices, she added.
“Nevertheless, I think it is a mistake to place too much emphasis on particular political ideologies or stereotypes of people who are vaccine hesitant.
“Most people who consider themselves to be conservative politically are not vaccine hesitant, so this may unnecessarily add to political polarisation.
“Additionally, a focus on political ideology is not productive in addressing the underlying reasons most people give for being unsure – namely, concerns about safety and necessity of the vaccine,” she said…”

 Pay attention to the discrimination between the black community and the native American tribes where the scientist points to an assumption that it is the caring nature of the indigenous peoples that has an increased uptake in this novel form of “vaccination” with the converse assumption left open for the reader to fill in, i.e. the black community and anti vaxers in general don’t care about family or community. The repetition of the findings in Spain USA and Ireland is becoming nauseating. What’s next?

           “…..Prof Hyland concurs that lack of trust in authorities and institutions is a defining feature of those who are vaccine resistant.
But, he said, his research during the pandemic suggests that most people who would have been classified as ‘vaccine hesitant’ about the Covid-19 vaccine prior to its arrival ended up taking the vaccine when it was offered to them…”

 This part above integrates Hyland’s narrative with the foreign expert’s narrative, slick very slick.

” …The development of the Covid-19 vaccines is among the greatest scientific achievements of all time and the Irish public have overwhelmingly and enthusiastically embraced them, according to Prof Hyland… “

 This statement is about Hyland’s belief, he as a scientist should know that the vaccine trials are not yet completed meaning that no conclusions surrounding any achievements can be made. As a psychologist he should be better placed to comment on the psychological warfare being unleashed on the Irish public that persuaded them to enthusiastically and overwhelmingly accept an experimental liquid injection.

             “…He said there seems to be no question that those who are ‘hesitant’ can be moved toward an accepting position with clear, scientific information.
Prof Kapuscinski said that “while there are personality characteristics, like reactance, that make someone more likely to be hesitant, many people are truly on the fence and interested in new information about vaccine safety and the risks of Covid…”

 Remember these are psychologists not immunologists who are talking about changing people’s minds, changing their thoughts! Whether or not the science emanating from the companies who are about to make billions in profit is correct is irrelevant they want to change your thought patterns to suit their belief system, not yours! Let us proceed.

          “…”What tends to get most of us to dig our heels in harder is argumentative, hostile or guilt-inducing messaging,” she said.
“When having a discussion with someone who is hesitant, it is not likely that lecturing, arguing, or even presenting ‘facts’ to combat misinformation at the outset of the conversation is likely to be effective.
“In fact, it would probably backfire.
“People also do not feel safe to have an open discussion when they feel like they are being pressured or criticised,” she said. ..”

 There you have it, they are openly talking up the use of psychological programming to change the people’s minds to believing them and their state narrative, remember no dissenting voices are allowed whilst programming is being carried out, facebook twitter instagram and all papers of record plus all main stream radio and TV are censoring dessenting points of view. It is interesting that the professor states the people do not feel safe when being pressured or criticised, this is a door to door salesman’s technique, calling you by your first name the salesman  makes you feel safe as only friends should call you by your first name and by doing this he makes you let your guard down insuring a sale is more likely, by feeling safe you are not necessarily safe after all its just a feeling. Reasoned argument is set aside when feelings are allowed to cloud your judgment, ask any car salesman, now friend, let’s sign that contract shall we.

“…Prof Hyland believes people with anti-vaccine attitudes cannot be reasoned out of their views. He says “their position is a faith-based belief system”.
          They “hold a rigid belief and engage in motivated reasoning” to dismiss all evidence or reason contrary to their belief, “focus selectively on information that supports their belief”, and “distort information so that it fits with their belief”, he said….”

 The expert tells his followers that anti-vaxxers cannot be reasoned with and reinforces this point by saying they have rigid beliefs while dismissing the experts truth. Anti-vaxers will only look at distorted information in other words they are in a cult. As those who are not vaccinated are already demonised as being a grave threat to the existence of humanity this allows for only one other course of action by acolytes of the state narrative, that is force.  The state zealots will gladly place them in concentration camps, after all they were given the authority to do so, and righteousness is on their side it was on RTE for God’s sake and the professors said so!

65 words 3 sentences, with the word belief used 5 times and the word faith thrown in for good measure. We are supposedly dismissing all they are doing for us, how dare we throw these experts knowledge away like a dirty rag. The self-righteous power emboldened followers with the hubris of RTE’s Hearst, Maynooth’s Hyland and of course the American and Spanish psychological experts behind them will see our action as an affront to their sensitivities allowing them to attack us with the zeal of authority. There is nothing but ridicule and vilification in all 65 words! We continue with our analysis.

          “….”We would not make accommodations for people who believe the world is flat, and I don’t think we should make any accommodations for people who believe vaccines are unsafe and refuse to take them during a global pandemic where millions of people are suffering and dying,” Prof Hyland said. …”

 WOW! For a scientist to be allowed to compare, without question, an apple to a Boeing 747 as if they were equal is astounding. Flat Earther’s can say as the please and only they are affected it is your individual choice to give them credence or not. Comparing a thought process to injecting an untested liquid into your veins by another individual and the company selling the liquid where the only person holding liability is the test subject, i.e. YOU  is an altogether different action. Hyland then evokes his followers emotions by quoting millions of dead and suffering people, he should know that the death statistics are not accurate by any account and suffering is created by political decisions based on computer models long since discredited. This is what Maynooth college calls science, words fail me.

                   “.. He concludes that while the influence of religion and religious groups is still strong in Ireland, it is waning and there has been little in the way of a widespread and concerted effort to instill fear of vaccination in the public or to derail the vaccination programme here…”

 This whole argument is about influencing your decision and changing your mind by denigrating your knowledge as being nothing but a religious belief. What arrogance! RTE and Maynooth are denigrating religion and by extension anyone who has knowledge about this so called vaccine that contradicts the authors beliefs.

               “… What the pandemic and the vaccine roll-out seem to have shown is that Irish society is very robust to threats that can lead to “cracks” and distrust that can exist between groups and the Government and national institutions, he said. ..”

 This statement can be easily turned to face the author by saying what the pandemic and the vaccine-rollout seem to have shown is that Irish society is easily persuaded by psychological war fare used by the state to shore up the cracks and distrust that normally exists between groups and the government and national institutions. Hyland would be better placed to examine this psychological attack creating mass movement, rather than comment on immunology.

               “…Dr Barello said it is important to recognise that hesitant individuals encompass a wide range of people who differ from the very small percentage who totally refuse all vaccinations and have no doubts about doing this.
She said that acceptance of vaccination is an “outcome behavior” resulting from a complex decision-making process that can be potentially influenced by a wide range of factors.
“Unlike with the social determinants of health, vaccine hesitancy determinants like education and socio-economic status do not necessarily influence hesitancy in only one direction.
“It is interesting that in many studies, higher education may be associated with both lower and higher levels of vaccine acceptance,” Dr Barello said…”

 The above piece is more evidence of their hubris as they openly discuss using psychology to change your mind so that you believe in their church.

          “…The role of scientists in the public eye is silently, yet dramatically changing she says, with decision-makers asking research experts to provide evidence on which political acts should be grounded…”

 Like the Lisbon treaty we must vote again and this time chose their correct outcome. They openly admit that “our” politicians are plotting against us by using psychological warfare techniques. We are not allowed to have our own thoughts, my body my choice, or is it their psychological manipulation. I warned the pro-abortionists that choice is an illusion the professors of psychology seem to agree with me.

“…Dr Barello said that media coverage of the pandemic features a daily presence of scientists and public health professionals on the television and on the web, highlighting the key role of experts to deal with the emergency, but making also clear that any solution is still far from being conclusive….”

 Barello said, … what did he actually say? The Millgram study shows us that experts repeating orders over and over will elicit a require response right up to killing your neighbour. He tells us what we already know that unchallenged “experts” repeat the state narrative over and over again, with the required confused response programed in to the experiments subjects. With the solution not being conclusive this leaves the door open for further programming of varied responses required by government and the psychologists/scientists advising them, the experiments subjects will unwittingly, from a place of fear, carry out their programming “willingly”.

          “….It is increasingly becoming evident that the time needed for public health and scientific advance exceeds the time expected by citizens to obtain satisfactory responses, she said.
“In a way, science is slow, uncertain, discordant, and fragile; and the increasing public awareness of its probabilistic nature may change the public perception of scientific knowledge for a long time. “Lessons learned from previous epidemics suggest that disasters can affect the public understanding of science and the citizens’ trust in scientists and experts.…”

 When people are trapped by fear and that fear is then intentionally or otherwise ramped up to hysterical levels people’s demands for results will always out strip the ability of institutions to respond. The psychologist then uses this as an excuse to explain why people would question science as if the examination of science surrounding these vaccines is based on the population’s unreasonable expectations rather than reason and logic, without the emotion of fear clouding their judgment, surly reason and logic is the bed rock of science and not the making of decrees for ordinary man.

           ‘..”As for the Covid-19 emergency, a recent Italian study suggests that while an initial increase in attention and information-seeking from scientists was registered on social media in February – the very start of the epidemic in Italy -, a dramatic decline in trust toward scientific and health authorities occurred in March 2020….’

 May I remind the reader that trust is earned and not to be given freely. Burning books by authors you do not like is not the way to earn our trust, this is what happened in Italy and the world over, dissenting scientists were shut up, silenced, threatened, demonised, arrested, jailed and sacked with a deafening silence emanating from journalists and scientists alike, paid acolytes of rotten democracies. The people see the sanctioning of dissenting experts and start to question the state narrative and its experts.

            “…As a result, the unprecedented and massive exposure of science to the public, together with the lack of definitive responses to citizens’ needs, risks a dramatic loss of trust in science Prof Hyland says that he has no doubt that public communications by people like Professor Luke O’Neill (Professor of Biochemistry in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology at Trinity College Dublin) throughout the pandemic “have been invaluable in moving many people who were hesitant about taking the Covid-19 vaccine to an accepting position.
“I don’t think his role in the public communication of science during this time can be underestimated,” he said. …”

 Loss of trust! He then points to one individual as the mainstay against what he classes as misinformation and others call the truth making sure to tell everyone that he has a brain by pointing to the piece of paper hanging on a wall. Is it public communications or just plain old fashioned PR with no opposition to their message. If any scientist believes in asymptomatic transmission of this virus they need point to the study or studies or go back and retrain.

           “… However, the WHO has said low vaccination uptake in priority populations in a number of European countries is still very concerning.
The WHO’s Europe Director, Hans Kluge, said high transmission rates across the continent were “deeply worrying, particularly in the light of low vaccination uptake in priority populations in a number of countries.”
Speaking earlier this week, Mr Kluge said the Delta variant was partly to blame, along with an “exaggerated easing” of restrictions and measures and a surge in summer travel.
While around half of people in Europe are fully vaccinated, uptake has slowed despite around 1.3 million Covid deaths to date in the region. “In the past six weeks, it has fallen by 14%, influenced by a lack of access to vaccines in some countries and a lack of vaccine acceptance in others.”
Only 6% of people in lower and lower-middle income countries in Europe are fully vaccinated, and some countries have only managed to vaccinate one in 10 health professionals. Mr Kluge stressed that since anti-Covid measures were being relaxed in many places, “the public’s vaccination acceptance is crucial”.
“Vaccine scepticism and science denial is holding us back from stabilising this crisis. It serves no purpose, and is good for no one”, he said.

 In walks the awe inspiring not to be questioned WHO don’t forget they announced a pandemic that was not a pandemic the criminal court investigation was buried. The WHO is now use to re iterate the narrative with fear mongering numbers based on PCR tests that are meaningless when used for diagnoses of any disease let alone this virus. With lies dammed lies and statistics spewing forth to beat the band the congregation is reassured through fear that they are right they are fighting for what is right and their brainy experts must be followed.

           “…Dr Philip Hyland is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Maynooth University.
Afton Kapuscinski is director of the Psychological Services Center at Syracuse University and an assistant teaching professor of psychology.
Dr Serena Barello is Assistant Professor of Consumer and Health Psychology, EngageMinds HUB – Consumer, Food and Health Engagement Research center at Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan…”

The piece concludes with reiterating the braininess of the contributors. Just to be sure you get the message.

Where does the wizard of Oz fit in to all of this? Scarecrow represented the farmers of Midwest America who were scene as stupid and uneducated he wanted the wizard of Oz to give him a brain but only to find that he already had one all he need to do was to exercise it and no piece of paper was needed. The tin man was looking for a heart he represented the factory workers who toiled day and night their hearts destroyed their lives washed up in old age he too found his heart where it always was. The lion represents the cowardly politician who growls and shouts with conviction but runs away from any difficult decisions all he needed to do was to actually fight for his convictions. Dorothy was lost she represents the lost power of the people looking for a way back home only to find that power was always hers and there for the taking.

This basic look at these characters shows us that we the people, all of us, are free to exercise our supreme authority at any time, we’re not brainless and we can think for ourselves, when not manipulated by psychologists that is, we are not heartless nor should we be told to be. Our politicians should be fearless in following what we the people want not what scientists believe is good for us. We want open and fair discussions, not debates, to examine without fear of reprisals all scientific evidence, and for the uninitiated anecdotal evidence is scientific evidence. Followers of the wicked witch of corrupt scientific evidence should start to think for themselves. We also want our inalienable rights restored but we must realise that as with Dorothy, they are not gone or taken they are being usurped and it is up to us to reclaim them. To do this we need direct democracy aka citizen initiated referenda!

This dangerous piece of hate speech will be used against free thinking people to demonise us as less than human so that the mass of people will move against us with a real possibility of repeating what happened against the political opposition 0f 1933 alon with those who were mentally ill or physically disabled and then the Jews of 1933. If you think I am fear mongering I will leave you with the headline and opening sentences from the night editor Damien Lane of the Irish Sun newspaper who quotes from this RTE hate speech article 10/Sept/2021


    “There are two species of human beings that deserve all that’s coming to them. Those who wear their mask below their nose and those who refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19…”.

Two species! Wow! Did I mention the war?  He goes on to say,

“ Their fate – whether it be opprobrium; exile from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, foreign holidays, and the workplace; or serious illness or death- is entirely their own design. Sympathy is an emotion best bestowed on those of us who do the right thing. …”

Opprobrium:- noun

  1. Disgrace arising from exceedingly shameful conduct; ignominy.
  2. Scornful reproach or contempt.
  3. A cause of shame or disgrace.

From the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Our society as a whole can do without this type of “news”. We are all scarecrows,  tin men, cowardly lions and Dorothy’s but we must realise that we are above this narrow minded fear based attack on freedom of choice, politicians need to fight not cower, we the people can think for ourselves, we can fight for our rights and we can use our power.

They came for the politicians; I did nothing because I am not a politician.

They came for the mentally ill; I did nothing because I am not ill.

They came for the disabled; I did nothing because I am not disabled.

They came for the anti-vaxxer’s; I did nothing because I am not an anti-vaxxer.

They are coming for me; no one is willing to help because they are not me!


In conclusion, we ask the reader to remember this if nothing else. A young Jewish girl by the name of Ann Frank was protected by people breaking the law until she was found and murdered by those obeying the law! Use reason and logic not emotions when deciding which side are you on?



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