“Troika’s arrival in Ireland” was a “bloodless Coup”

By Direct Democracy Ireland

Enda Kenny admission that the “Troika’s arrival in Ireland” was a “bloodless Coup” and the request to use the Army against Irish citizens raised concerns in relation to the Treason Act 1939

Enda Kenny’s leadership is called into question for his failure to act after confirming Direct Democracy Ireland’s suspicions that the arrival of three private banks known as the Troika who had taken control of Ireland’s financial sovereignty in a “bloodless Coup” according to Deputy Kenny.

An Taoiseach also confirmed that our “government was directed to make extremely difficult decisions” by the Troika. Serious questions must be asked as to why he not only failed to act but allowed the government to be “directed” by essentially three private banks that he believed to be involved in a “bloodless coup” to the detriment of our countries financial sovereignty.

Deputy Kenny can’t have it both ways. If he believes that the Troika’s arrival in Ireland constituted a “bloodless coup” which infers the Troika’s actions were unjust, then why is he continuing to repay the Troika. Also, when these payments caused and continue to cause such hardship on the citizens of Ireland.

Deputy Kenny must explain this contradiction when he stated “If people want to follow an illusion that you don’t have to pay your way, you don’t have to measure up, then there are serious consequences for any country,” according to An Taoiseach the consequences for Ireland was a “bloodless coup” at the hands of the Troika.

An Taoiseach must also explain why he felt the Governor of the central bank (which is a private bank) had the power to instruct An Taoiseach to call out the Irish Army to be used to prevent Irish citizens from withdrawing their own money from A.T.M’s, Governor Honohan is reported to have stated to Deputy Kenny ‘it looks like this weekend…you’ll have to put army around the banks and around the ATM machines and introduce capital controls like they had in Cyprus’.” Did the Taoiseach have a crystal ball to predict what will happen in Cyprus ,that event  occurred more then 3 years after this event quoted by him. Also Noonan seems to be backing up this statement, so how come the other party in the Coalition, (ie Labour) did not seem to know anything about it.

An Taoiseach having access to confidential banking documentation must explain his inaction with regards to his belief that the Troika’s arrival constituted a “bloodless coup” the consequences of this has caused unjust austerity and the loss our countries financial sovereignty which is an essential organ of the Government.

The Treason Act 1939 states that ….. “attempting by force of arms or other violent means to overthrow the organs of government, established by the Constitution, or taking part or being concerned in or inciting or conspiring with any person to make or to take part or be concerned in any such attempt:”


Neville Bradley

Direct Democracy Ireland Press Officer

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  1. kilkengunner

    A lot of serious questions to be asked, yet as per usual, the Irish people will get either a cods wallop of spin. Or worse still, no answer at all. Really need to bring accountability to the body politic.

  2. Desmond Devlin

    The Banking Crisis was deliberately manufactured to implement an order out of chaos.

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