Honour and privilege to be elected once again,Pat Greene Leader of Direct Democracy Ireland


By Pat Greene Leader of Direct Democracy Ireland

It is an honour and privilege to be elected once again, by the membership, to lead Direct Democracy Ireland. I accept it with humility, with excitement and with a profound sense of the duty. I joined Direct Democracy Ireland because of what I believed it will do for our country, and more than ever I believe that Direct Democracy is the only future safeguard for Irish Citizens. You have put your trust in me and I undertake to repay that trust with unstinting service and dedication to Direct Democracy Ireland, and its members, insuring that we in Direct Democracy Ireland can fulfil the ideals of or mission as stated in our mission statement.

We in Direct Democracy Ireland have faced many challenges on our journey to date, but we all share a common vision for our country, and while we are all firm in our objectives, we will be flexible in our approach so as to encourage groups, and Parties and others to strive to implement a policy of returning the provisions of Direct Democracy to our nations constitution.

Our ever increasing membership is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the members of this Great movement, not since the Civil war has Ireland seen the people of Ireland unite for a new way forward, that way forward must be for change, change from a system that has concentrated power that is then controlled by a few to the detriment of society at large. We look to a bright future where political power ultimately rests with the people.

We accept that mistakes have been made on this journey that we have undertaken, we are a new movement, we are a young movement, but we are a strong movement, we will stay the course and strive to improve by learning from the past, building from a firm foundation upon which we will create real change for our nation, our peoples future.

Direct Democracy Ireland’s focus must always be for the people of Ireland who have endured the brunt of Austerity measures been forced upon them by The Fine Gael/Labour Party Government. Direct Democracy Ireland will present to the people of Ireland a genuine and realistic alternative to the current system of governance in the next general election.

We must work with our critics, who obviously understand the power of Direct Democracy but chose to snipe from a distance, constantly badgering our Members and not the message the saying “play the ball and not the man” comes to mind. Direct Democracy Ireland will always be willing to form alliances with others to set about change.

We have an updated constitution, a constitution more fitting to a Movement that is rapidly growing, a constitution that is focused on the membership allowing us to grow, and a constitution that has the people of Ireland at the heart of this modern Democratic Movement.

Our updated Mission Statement reflects our newly invigorated drive towards a society of equals, a society that engages in decision making, a society that empowers the people not lobbyists, a society based on the community not on the economy, ultimately a drive to empower our society to effect self-determination by having the ability to defend ourselves from those who may wish to enslave us. Our mission statement maybe short in words but it is enormous in its intent

Our Mission Statement:

We at Direct Democracy Ireland believe that Direct Democracy provisions are a living Political and Social process of Governance of a Nation belonging to and giving the Sovereign Irish People the inalienable right of unfettered Political Accountability, Transparency with citizen deliberated decisions from their Elected Representatives / Politicians / Public Officials at Local, National and International Levels

Regards and thank you to all concerned,

Patrick Greene,

Leader of, Direct Democracy Ireland






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  1. TERESA Mc Gahey.

    Good luck Pat, heard you speak on Northern Sound Radio and was impressed with you, definitely need more like you. Just maybe you should smile more in your presentations on tv. Forgive me, but, visual is very important!! Teresa.

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