Pat Greene, Rancid goings on as €50,000 of public money to be spent behind closed doors.

By Direct Democracy Ireland 

In a cloak and dagger move Drogheda Councillors are to discuss the
spending of €50,000 of public money allocated to them in secret,
behind closed doors. At Monday night’s meeting in Barlow house
Drogheda, due to some objections, Labour Party Mayor Paul Bell
insisted that according to the rules the spending of the €50,000 of
public money must be done in secret. Mayor Bell was corrected by civil
servant Mary T Daly, an executive of Louth County Council, who
interjected and informed the Mayor he was wrong in asserting this, as
Dundalk Council had held their meeting in public.

Pat Greene leader of Direct Democracy Ireland stated he is “disgusted
and appalled at the rancid goings on in a modern so-called democratic
institution, called the Drogheda division of the Louth Municipal
Council. Yet again we have the usual suspects from this undemocratic
pact colluding to feather their own nests and making decisions on the
spending of public monies behind closed doors. One must ask what it is
that they have to hide?”

With this tiny group of just 6 councillors in control of how the
€50,000 will be spent, the question that has to be raised is ‘Will the
money be used to further Fine Gael and Labour’s party election

In a system of Direct Democracy (in part as our 1922 constitution
actually had provision for), this sort of saga simply would not
happen. We believe this is the reason the “old” political parties and
their media hacks will not even discuss the power of Direct Democracy.

The Councillors who voted In FAVOUR of holding the meeting in secret were:

Mayor Paul Bell, Labour Party

Cllr Pio Smith, Labour Party

Dept Mayor Richie Cullhane, Fine Gael

Cllr Oliver Tully, Fine Gael

Cllr Kevin Callan, Independent Fine Gael

Cllr Frank Godfrey, Independent

The Councillors who voted AGAINST holding the meeting in secret and
wanted it to be public, were:

Cllr Imelda Munster, Sinn Fein

Cllr Kenneth Flood, Sinn Fein

Cllr Tommy Byrne, Fianna Fail

When it comes to election time, REMEMBER who stands for YOUR best
interests, and not their own! Direct Democrats must serve the public,
they HAVE to. its that simple.


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