Queuing up to stick the boot in about how the Greek Government caved

By Ed1 (Online Collective to hold Irish Politicians Accountable)

** All morning I have been listening to ‘Government Politicians’ and media outlets sneering Sinn Fein and others for their support of Syriza and the People of Greece. Unbelievable!**

Newstalk FM and other ‘correspondents’ are queuing up to stick the boot in about how the Greek Government caved, and it was as if those in Ireland who supported them were idiots. Kenny and co mentioned how the situation in Greece is proof that SF and others cannot deliver on election promises. This from a shower who wouldn’t even know what a promise was! 

I find all of this disgusting. WHY is the Irish Media gloating (apart from the fact much of it is owned by certain pampered FG cronies)? HOW can Kenny, FG and their slaves in Labour gloat about any aspect of this when THEY are running this country based on lies and a broken promise to do as Syriza have at least ‘attempted’ to do?

WHY do both parties see it as some kind of victory that the long-suffering and impoverished Greek People are facing into a no-win austerity choice? What kind of sadistic bastards have we allowed to govern us?

I hope this piece is shared quite a lot, because I wish to use it on behalf of this Page and its Members to tell Kenny and Co, as well as the Irish Media, that they are the most disgusting, low, perverse shower of scumbags that have ever walked the highways of Ireland. You lot represent only elitists, and you should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourselves. Your time is coming. 2016 is only months away, you utterly disgusting, anti-poor, traitors and hypocrites.

Rant over – Ed1



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