DDI’s Founding Principles

The founding principles of DDI a National Citizens Movement will forever ensure the people hold the power.

The “FIRR” of freedom

  • Freedom: from the antidemocratic party whip system: We will abolish the party whip system so your representative can actually represent YOU and not simply have to do whatever he/she is told.
  • Initiative: We will reinstate a citizen initiated referendum petition process whereby 100,000 signatures will require the government to hold a referendum on the issue raised. This was the case until this power was in our view illegally removed from the people in 1937.
  • Referendum: We will rejuvenate and revitalise the referendum process to ensure it is free from government and other bias , and for initiated referendums it will ensure the question asked is the one the citizens want asked.
  • Recall: We will introduce a process of recall where any politician can be removed from office, at any time, for any reason . States which have introduced this rarely need to use it, because the politicians work hard and to their mandate. This will ensure the citizen initiated referendums are enacted.

These four co-dependent “cornerstones” are the foundation on which we will build a successful, fair and just nation for all, with efficient, responsive and accountable government of the people, by the people, for the people.