Who is really in control of the Department of Health?


By Anthony Connor

Almost 17,000 vulnerable Pensioners have had their medical cards callously taken away due to cuts imposed by the Government.

HSE data showed 16,356 over-70s have had their medical cards stripped away in the past year. Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland described the cuts as a complete insult to the men and women who have gone through so much in life, and in their twilight years should not have to be concerned about their medical care, it is just one issue in a long line that proves this Government is totally detached from its people, These catastrophic cuts will inevitably cost lives and we call on the Government to reverse these cuts without delay.

The Government announced the cull of Medical cards for the over-70s in 2013 and the recent HSE Data figures establish that Fine Gael and The Labour Party have set about destroying people’s lives to keep their EU paymasters content, The Government arrogantly confirmed the cuts in a reply to a recent Parliamentary Question.

In 2012-2013 The Government faced a revolt from Pensioners who protested in their thousands against such planned cuts, forcing the Government into an embarrassing u-turn, now the government have changed strategy and have now taken a more deceitful approach, divide and conquer been the rule of thumb, Little by little stripping away the vital services and benefits of our Pensioners.

The dramatic decline in how we care for our elderly is a national disgrace and we need to re-examine it as a matter or necessity, we cannot allow the services that Pensioners are so reliant on to be stripped away bit by bit, we have both a moral and social obligation to protect the most vulnerable, and we must take this Government to task, Many families have contacted Direct Democracy Ireland with concerns about the continuing devastating attacks on pensioners, and as a result we have contacted both the Department of Health and the Department of social protection requesting that all medical cards be returned to pensioners as a matter or urgency but we wont hold our breath.

The question as to be asked who, is really in control of the Department of Health?

Over the last two decades there has been a tip toe privatisation of our public health system. Our system appears to be deliberately undermined behind a serious of political and media sound-bites decrying its failures and impending doom, health ministers have come and gone and each has furthered the privatisation including now charging us for our public system. They have moved on to work for the private health care services and insurers to promulgated, it seems like serious conflict of interest exists and may be an obvious reason to downplay and destroy the public system. Is the Governments view that the more people that have medical cards, the less profits private companies can generate? with over 470,000 people currently waiting for surgical procedures  across all ages one can’t help but think this is done by design, by the powers that be, in the interests of private health operators and lobbyists in Ireland and Europe,  Thus creating a humanitarian health crisis on the people of Ireland.

Equality in our Health Service.

The two tier system where people have to wait years to see a consultant that can be accessed easily and quickly with the right amount of cash is outrageous, Direct Democracy Ireland believe in equality and there clearly is no longer equality in the health service, We must declare health a human right.


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